Guy Supply

The Snipper

3-Piece Nail Clipper Set


The right tool for the job—every time.

Large Curved-Edge Clipper – You wouldn’t cut down a tree with a butter knife, would you? Your toenails are two to three times thicker than your fingernails, and you need a pair of clippers that are up to the job.

Medium Curved-Edge Clipper  — Sturdy enough for those tight angles on your toenails, precise enough to handle fingernails with ease. The medium clippers are truly a jack of all trades.

Small Curved-Edge Clipper – Claws only look cool on Wolverine and badgers, and you are neither. The small curved-edge clipper delivers precise, clean cuts to keep your nails trimmed and presentable.

Color: Cobalt

For too long, men have been told that it’s not “masculine” to care about their appearance. That a “manly man” doesn’t bother with things like “grooming” or “hairbrushes” or “soap.” We founded Guy Supply because we think that needs to change. We believe you can be a “real man” and still care about your appearance. We don’t believe there’s a formula for what makes a “real man”; in fact, we think the only way to not be a real man is to let other people define your masculinity.

You deserve to look your best, and you shouldn’t have to spend an arm and a leg or shop in the beauty aisle to get the tools you need to do it. Guy Supply: Be your own man.

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