Spa Savvy

Set of 2 Twist Hair Turban and Bouffant Shower Cap

This 2 piece set will always keep you covered and dry when you wash your hair or if you go for a quick rinse.The Spa Savvy Twist Hair Turban is made of 100% microfiber which is lightweight and 8x more absorbent than cotton. It holds 4x the amount of water of non-microfiber towels and dries hair gently and efficiently with less frizz, split ends and hair breakage. Use the Spa Savvy Bouffant Shower Cap to keep hair dry while showering and bathing. The fully cinched band keeps hair secure to ensure hair stays dry. Fully lined for double moisture protection. Its bouffant shape will not flatten hair and will help your blow out last longer.
  • Master Case:24 , Inner Case:6

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