Guy Supply

The Cultivator

5-Piece Foot Care Set


Your job is hard. Your feet don’t have to be.

Toenail Clippers – You know what toenail clippers are. (For the love of God, please say you know what toenail clippers are.)

Foot Pumice – Your heels and the balls of your feet are covered in dead skin. Use the foot pumice once a week to keep it from becoming a problem.

Foot Brush – “Nobody can see the dirt under my toenails!” Actually we can, and we’re going to tell everyone. Take care of it.

Nail File – Ever tried to put on a pair of socks, only they got stuck on your sharp toenails? If so, 1) don’t admit that to anyone else, and 2) here’s the tool for the job.

Foot File –Somewhere underneath those calluses and dead skin is a foot you won’t be ashamed to let people see. The foot file helps you find it.

Color: Cobalt

For too long, men have been told that it’s not “masculine” to care about their appearance. That a “manly man” doesn’t bother with things like “grooming” or “hairbrushes” or “soap.” We founded Guy Supply because we think that needs to change. We believe you can be a “real man” and still care about your appearance. We don’t believe there’s a formula for what makes a “real man”; in fact, we think the only way to not be a real man is to let other people define your masculinity.

You deserve to look your best, and you shouldn’t have to spend an arm and a leg or shop in the beauty aisle to get the tools you need to do it. Guy Supply: Be your own man.

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