Guy Supply

The Mountaineer

Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer


Everything you need for well-groomed and healthy hands

Every facial hair style has its moment in the sun: Some styles are timeless, while others deserve to be left in the past. (Looking at you, soul patch.) We don’t know what the future holds for facial hair, but we’re pretty sure nose and ear hair won’t be involved.

The Mountaineer is powered by a whisper-quiet motor and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The cone tip helps protect the inside of your nose & ears as the dual-edged blades sweep away excess hair. No more tedious trimming with scissors, no more pain from yanking out hairs with tweezers.

Those tufts of fur sprouting from the inside of your head aren’t the start of a hot new trend. Get them under control with The Mountaineer.

Color: Cobalt

For too long, men have been told that it’s not “masculine” to care about their appearance. That a “manly man” doesn’t bother with things like “grooming” or “hairbrushes” or “soap.” We founded Guy Supply because we think that needs to change. We believe you can be a “real man” and still care about your appearance. We don’t believe there’s a formula for what makes a “real man”; in fact, we think the only way to not be a real man is to let other people define your masculinity.

You deserve to look your best, and you shouldn’t have to spend an arm and a leg or shop in the beauty aisle to get the tools you need to do it. Guy Supply: Be your own man.

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